Grain Auger Specifications

Grain Auger Specifications

Why Commander?

In-Built Mover

A part of our design concept was to have a purpose-built auger that could be moved without having to purchase an additional add-on kit. Our experience had showed us that kits added to augers meant that the auger was not optimized to work effectively.


We galvanize out augers as a standard feature so they last longer, Grain augers are a substantial investment and you want them to last as long as possible.

Lower maintenance

  • Electric Clutch - less wear and tear on belts.
  • Oil Bath top end drive - a dust free top end chain, running in oil for longer life.
  • Solid top drive shaft with bearings.

Why buy an auger and a mover kit separate when you can buy a fully galvanized, purpose built unit with lower maintenance costs?


  • In-Built mover
  • Fully Galvanized
  • Electric Clutch Standard
  • Cupped edge flighting, lifts the grain off the barrel & carries it rather than pushing the grain.
  • Oil bath final drive, a dust free top end chain, running in oil for longer life & less maintenance.
  • Solid top drive shaft with bearings, stronger than hollow pipe.
  • Reversible gear box fitted as standard feature
  • Heavy duty chassis & wheel frame
  • All hydraulic hoses clamped in saddles, not cable tied


  • 10"x41' Truck Auger
  • 10"x61' Bin / Truck Auger

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Learn more about becoming  a Grain Commander dealer.

Learn more about becoming a Grain Commander dealer.

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  • "I am very happy with my new Commander 10"x51' Auger. Practical, robust and easy to use. Does everything it should. Prompt service and delivery appreciated."

    Adrian South
  • "I approached Commander Ag-Quip after our original auger was put out of commission we needed another urgently. We had previously purchased a Commander Ag auger years ago, and liked the product. Luckily, they had a SP Auger 10"X51' in stock and the price was very competitive. We found Andrew very efficient and understood our needs and organised delivery with no hassles.We are very happy with our new purchase. Saves a lot of stress on our back.  Easy to move around. I would recommend Commander Ag-Quip to people who need a quality product backed by efficient service." 

    Ray Smoker
  • ''I am impressed with the new steering design and the larger tyres are far more stable. we are constantly moving augers for blending and cleaning of grain to meet the requirements of our flour mill and stockfeed business, and also for our own merino sheep and have found that labour productivity and safety and greatly enhanced. We are constantly swapping from human consumption grains to stockfeed, and cleanliness is paramount, and find the cupped flighting is much better because as is wears the edge remains smooth. Flat flighting develops a razor sharp feather on the underside which can cut hands when clearing under the flighting. The oil bath chain is a saving is constant replacement of chains and sprockets and the reversible gearbox is safer than crossing drive belts to clear auger..."

    Dayle, Eden Valley Biodynamic
  • ‘’We are proud owners of 5 Grain Commander Augers, ...It has been a pleasure owning and using these pieces of equipment and dealing with a company who are responsive to user suggestions and innovations. The advances that have taken place since 1997, (when we got the first one) are legion with greatly improved ezi-lifts (my back is very grateful), hydraulic drives (my back was solely thankful) and hydraulic winches. When you have equipment that is user friendly, no-one minds being sent to select the auger and set it up in the silo, or to more silo to silo when loading. I have also appreciated the courtesy and respect with which suggestions (for improvements) have been treated and ultimately incorporated into the new machines’’

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